All businesses, regardless of size, are legally obliged to conduct risk assessments of all their business activities and, if they employ five or more employees, to record any significant risks.

Our Risk Assessment Toolkit is designed for use by companies across the pubic, private and third sector to help identify and mitigate potential risks that may impact a lone workers and general employees who are completing hazardous activities.

Successfully completing a risk assessment using this template will help you to outline all foreseeable risks, and create a detailed plan to put the necessary measures in place to minimise or remove risks to keep employees and volunteers safe.


To support your organisation, we have developed a useful risk assessment template to help you get started. Our template features a five-by-five matrix which we think is the best way to identify potential risks based on a range of scenarios. 

This template includes the following to help identify and record potential risks:

Five by five matrix example with 3 scenarios
Personal risk factors
Environmental risk factors
Occupational hazards

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