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If you are a Device Manufacturer, Systems Integrator, IoT Solution Provider or Value-Added Reseller who wants to enjoy financial benefits while making your clients' lives better…this is for you.

Archangel’s Certified Partner programme is the ideal co-branded opportunity to build responsive digital services around the power of our platform and the needs of your clients.

Whether you are a Manufacturer, Telecare Service Provider or an ARC operator, you will love Archangel’s effortless ability to gather, collate and interpret data from multiple sensors and IoT devices, then assess this data and respond – all while using a single platform.

By improving data insights & controls, Archangel enables you to maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of individuals while delivering a new income stream for your organisation. To encourage partnerships and the removal of data silos, we offer a generous revenue-share to our Certified Partners.

There are many obvious benefits to becoming an Archangel Certified Partner, including additional revenue generation by adding value to existing propositions. We do this by widening your revenue models through integration of industry certified services for ambient living, independent care, lone worker safety, agriculture, facilities management, and more. Partnering with Archangel also provides added value through the introduction of additional service integrations such as security platforms, access control etc. 

The Archangel platform is unique in that it integrates so much: 

  • analogue and digital devices, 
  • industry specific equipment and protocols, 
  • mobile devices, 
  • smart apps, 
  • IoT equipment and sensors 
  • third party systems 
  • anything else

Archangel also facilitates the imminent migration change from analogue to digital monitoring systems and further on to smart home technology.

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