connected care

in one unified platform

Archangel® delivers a complete cloud monitoring solution that integrates all partner analogue and digital devices, open APIs and powerful shared insights. Our system reduces spend and maximises service delivery helping you to have complete control and oversight of your care service.

powerful insights

for enhanced care delivery

Archangel® provides you with all the tools you need to monitor the health, wellness, safety, activity and environments of people under your care, across health and social care, telecare, housing and beyond. 

Care providers can use trend analysis, artificial intelligence, alert rules and other data insights to understand and predict the early signs of deterioration and assess where future care is needed. Care can be modified as required, ultimately supporting people to stay independent at home for longer, avoiding hospital admission. 

With Archangel®, you can:

Have complete observability of your care service, through secure, personalised dashboards.

Use trend analysis, artificial intelligence and alert rules to understand and predict early signs of deterioration.

Use powerful insights to support informed care assessments, reablement and actions for better health and care outcomes.

connected care

support your analogue to digital transition

As telecare switches from analogue to digital, Archangel® is leading the transition by delivering a complete cloud solution that enables you to connect and integrate all existing technologies and silo systems into one unified monitoring platform. 

With Archangel®, you can:

Securely connect any approved multi-vendor analogue, digital and IoT equipment, making the transition from analogue to digital as smooth as possible.

Combine silo systems and third party systems into one central cloud monitoring platform via APIs.

Gather and share data insights with care circles and other health professionals.

efficiency assured

Archangel® ensures efficiency for care providers who manage and operate their own telecare services. Our cloud command centre delivers joined-up health and social care resources. You will be enabled to foresee future care issues before they impact individuals and your care service, with real-time intelligence into your clients' health, activities and environment. With Archangel® you can access customisable dashboards and built-in call conferencing tools to deliver rapid response in care emergencies.

With Archangel®, you can:

Manage and respond to end user social alarms.

Connect with end users, their families, care provider and other stakeholders in one place.

Deliver rapid onboarding and deployment of technology enabled care equipment.

not just a platform

we're your digital new partner

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