Innovative Moray project scoops major tech award

An innovative health technology data project based in Moray, Scotland, has picked up a major award at the ITEC (International Technology Care) 2024 Awards.

Named best Up-and-Coming Innovation category winner, the award was presented at a ceremony organised by the TSA in Birmingham on Monday 18th March. 

The ‘pilot’ project, one of five ‘living labs’ being delivered by the health and care focused Rural Centre of Excellence (RCE), involves digital health firm Archangel® and Mydex CIC operating under the auspices of the Scotland-based Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI). It revolves around the generation and collation of holistic data of social determinants of health.

The collation and analysis of the data is internationally unique and offers the potential for significant citizen and service impact through its capability to generate individual and population level insights, enabling enhanced self-management, early intervention and targeted resources.

Glasgow-based Archangel is in the vanguard of the burgeoning UK and Scottish heath and caretech sector offering ‘a better way’ with a unique and holistic approach that allows digital and analogue technologies to be integrated into one cloud-based platform. Connect, assess, respond and evolve are the four pillars of Archangel’s CARE offering.

Marie Simpson, Programme Manager with DHI collected the award and commented: “This is fantastic recognition for a data project that really could be a ‘game changer’ within the health and care sectors.

“It delivers a wide range of benefits for citizens and their carers, health and social care organisations and third sector community bodies with end users empowered to remain at the centre of navigating their personalised journey.”

Archangel CEO Tom Morton commented: “This world class, UK Government-funded innovation delivers a healthier population with increased personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, self-managing where possible through digital access to tools, services and information.

“It enables professionals to view or receive information via the PDS (personal data store), developed by Mydex CIC, to understand the user’s personal story and also delivers analysis of personalised, holistic data to enable early intervention, increase hospital at home management and minimise escalation to unscheduled and emergency interventions in primary and secondary care services,” added Tom.