A better way to manage alarms

Brian Brown, Director of Business Development at Archangel demonstrates how a distributed incident management platform can deliver the next generation of alarm receiving centres (ARC).

Ahead of his participation in the forthcoming ARC webinar organised by the TSA, Brian has outlined a few key points he will share on the day.

Brian explained “At Archangel, our core principles are Connect, Assess, Respond and Evolve. We take C.A.R.E. seriously!

“With regard to the webinar I’m hoping we will cover a few issues impacting on our fast developing industry.

“When it comes to the switchover from analogue to digital, Archangel assists providers by integrating a range of CONNECT PARTNER analogue and digital technology functions with data and thus enabling technology to be utilised more effectively and holistically. Proactive data monitoring features of Archangel are linked with voice communications available in social alarms, mobile devices, televisions and IoT systems, enabling organisations to deploy a range of personalised digital services reliably at scale and within existing A2D budgets.

“Effective sensors and rules-based monitoring provides a cost-effective alternative to the commissioning of digital telecare solutions and subsequent additional purchases for monitoring activities of daily living, property, environment and other sensor-based solutions. Uniquely, Archangel supports a step-change forward to meet the longer term preventive strategy.

“Archangel ASSESS can provide support for managing siloed datasets! Purchasing lifestyle monitoring, property, environment, and other systems in order to manage the gaps in traditional telecare provision creates additional silos of data. This is a massive concern for all providers who need to know how to manage this new range of data and this concern slows adoption at scale. In addition, ARCs are expected to manage a new set of system alerts and do this without any of the background data being supplied.

“A core principle of Archangel is that it aggregates a wide range of data into the one core Ambient Assisted Living monitoring platform from which reliable alerting and analytics can be derived.

“This will lead to substantial increased efficiencies where collective proactive and early intervention propositions can be put into place from an aggregated data source.

“It clearly reduces the risks of patient need. For example, a person with COPD might have medical devices that flag up nothing of concern however the data from the activity and environmental sensors reveal a cold house with little movement. Collectively, it could be surmised that this individual will present to their GP/ED within the next 5 days.

“Archangel RESPOND provides flexible alerting capabilities that offer the ability to tailor alerting requirements using a distributed method which could be either cascaded or broadcast.

“A key aspect of the Archangel platform is the ability to configure alerts based on both the needs of the organisation and service user.

“This offers the ability, based on the scenario above, to raise an alert to family members or community partners. Ultimately there may be the requirement where this is then raised to Archangel’s digital ARC solution. This gives ARC operators the ability to manage such calls either via the built-in softphone or to be presented to CONNECT PARTNER call management systems and to deal with them accordingly.

“Being able to automate responder-based capabilities based on pre-set rules and not require ARC-based interaction is a key requirement for many services. The Archangel responder app is fully integrated into the Archangel family of products and offers the ability for rules to be configured where alerts can be broadcast to the Responder App and without any user interaction. This results in the ability to have operator-based staff fully focused on priority calls and allows the platform to manage the responder messaging.

“Ultimately Archangel’s offering is unique in the marketplace. Our platform provides a better way for the integration of all analogue and digital technology and a better way to evolve services by providing a far more holistic approach to care, far more cost effectively.

“With so many councils and public bodies facing financial pressures and cutbacks to health and social care, it’s vital that we find a better way. Archangel is that better way.

“I’m looking forward to presenting our platform on the 27th February!” added Brian.

You can register using this link: https://www.tsa-voice.org.uk/events/tec-arc-platform-web/.

Want to see more? Watch our overview video where you will see some real-life cases of the Archangel platform: https://hubspot.archangel.cloud/overview-video